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Scarlett's First Foot Fetish Experience

Scarlett is a very sexy 24 year old goth girl that I met a few weeks ago, and she was asking me about my job. I just had no choice but to tell her about my studio, and she was really curious to find out more about my videos. She was also asking about my foot fetish, and she told me that she had long dreamed of dominating a slave with her feet, just as a personal experience. She told me that she would love to do foot fetish videos, but she was not sure because her feet really stink so much. I told her it really would not be a problem, and I would be willing to have her feet in my face for two hours straight, even after she has worked a double shift, so she told me that I could never do that, since her feet are so smelly after work! It looks like we have a challenge now, and it’s a challenge that is accepted! Scarlett really wanted to enjoy this dominating experience with me to the fullest, so she has been wearing the same pair of black socks for about a week, and she worked a double shift with her boots on, right before taking on this sweaty socks challenge! Twelve hours in a row in her boots! She tells me how she just can’t wait to see me take them off and cover my face with her smelly black socks! I was also really impatient to have her pretty feet in my face for the first time! We were about ready to start, so Scarlett makes me take her boots off, then completely cover my face with her sweaty black socks! This smell was so intense, that was just sick! She takes pleasure in rubbing her sweaty socks all over my face, with her cute smile of satisfaction, and makes me take some deep breaths in her socks! She also makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her socks, and I have to say that they were totally disgusting after seven days of work, and twelve hours of work in her boots! Scarlett start to make some fun at me in this clip, so she makes me take her socks off with my teeth, and just pushes her dirty socks into my mouth with her toes! She enjoys covering my face with both of her smelly feet after that, making me smelling them, as she relaxes and watches Netflix! Scarlett also makes me breathe deeply into her feet, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also takes pleasure to make me suck on her toes, like a good loser slave! Looks like she really had fun having her first foot fetish experience! If I had to give her a rate out on ten for the smell of her feet, I would definitely give her a twelve! I just won’t have the choice to see her again! The full version of this video is actually 53 minutes long, and you will find it right on the next page, or just below this version! It was a very intense sweaty feet challenge! Very Hot Clip Alert! (French Language)
Scarlett's First Foot Fetish Experience

Thursday July 4
Camila's Dirty Socks Challenge

Camila really enjoys owning and dominating me like her personal slave during these foot worship sessions, and It seems like the longer she wears her socks off before seeing each other, the more fun she has! The longer I can serve as a slave during these sessions, the more fun she has too! She pushes the limits a little further each time I see her, just to make it a little more intense each time! This time she has been wearing the same pair of socks for over a month, so it should be really intense! She said since she has been wearing the same pair of socks for so long, she expects me to stay at her feet for at least two hours while she rests her sweaty feet on my face, has a nice foot massage, and watch a movie on Netflix! I have to tell you that Camila is actually becoming one of my favorite Dreamgirls because the smell of her feet is so intense and she looks so beautiful! I am also in love with her cruel smile of satisfaction when I am really struggling under her feet! She totally loves it when I get in trouble under her smelly, stinky feet! Camila knocked on my door on a beautiful Friday night, and she was more than ready for our next foot session after working all day in her sneakers. This clip was also shot on a really hot summer day, and the air conditioner was unfortunately broken at her work. There was really nothing at all to my advantage to make this session easier for me! Camila takes pleasure in teasing me with her sneakers on before we start, then makes me take them off to cover my face entirely with her dirty white socks! It was quite honestly one of the strongest smells I have had to deal with in my life! Her white socks were very sweaty, super hot, a little wet, and dirty as hell! Her smile of satisfaction after covering my face with her smelly socks was also priceless! She knows perfectly well that I really have a hard time! She makes me breathe really deep into her socks, and makes me lick the dirty bottom of her socks too! They were so stinky and so dirty! It was awful, but the only thing that matters to be honest is that she was having a great time relaxing and watching her movie on Netflix. It’s simply the best way for her to unwind after a long day at work. Camila also thought it would be nice to give her feet some fresh air after spending all day in socks and trainers, so she makes me take her socks off to cover my face again but this time with her stinky bare feet! The smell of her feet was so strong! Again, it was just horrible! She makes me breathe deep into her feet with her cruel smile of satisfaction, and makes me take deep breaths in her stinky toes too! Camila also makes me stick my tongue out so she can use it as a valuable tool for cleaning the soles of her feet! The taste in her feet was really strong, so she made me swallow her sweat juices a few times just to make sure I keep a good souvenir of this session with her! She also makes me suck her toes and lick all the dirt in between each of her toes! It was for sure one of the most intense sessions of the last few months! The complete version of this foot worship session with Camila is actually 55 minutes long, and I have to say, every minute is worth watching! You will find this version directly on the next page, or just below this version. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do! I myself have watched this video several times if you see what I mean. (French Language)
Camila's Dirty Socks Challenge

Friday July 5
Laura's First Foot Fetish Experience

This little Laura, who is barely 18 years old, had heard about our sweaty socks challenge from one of her friends who had done it with me recently, and she really wanted to try this experience! She simply couldn't believe that her friend, another dreamgirl who is on the site, had been paid very well, simply for watching a movie on Netflix, with her stinky feet in my face! Word is starting to get around about me and it must be getting harder and harder to avoid the offers! This little Laura sent me a message first of all to tell me that she had really pretty little feet, that she worked a lot in her boots, and that her feet really sweated a lot! She knew very well that just by telling me that, I would probably set up a little appointment to massage her feet! She sent me some photos of the socks she had worn during the week, and asked me if there was a pair that I preferred. I told her that I liked her little white socks, so she told me that she would wear them for at least another week before coming to see me! Her friend had told her that the strong smell of feet really turned me on, so she really wanted to check that out! On top of that, she works as a barmaid, and barmaids always make great candidates, because they spend hours and hours sweating and running around in boots! I was already really looking forward to meeting her! She ended up wearing the same white socks for a little over two weeks due to a busy schedule, so it was definitely time to set up a date! Laura came to my home to visit me on a Friday evening after working all day in her boots, and she was definitely looking forward to having her feet massaged and pampered! Her friend had had a foot massage for an hour with me, so she asked me if I could massage her feet for two hours! She simply wanted more than her friend! She asked me to take off her boots and immediately covered my face with her very wet, and very stinky, white socks! I was simply in paradise! What a pretty little princess! Laura made me take deep breaths in her socks, with a cute and innocent smile of satisfaction, and also ordered me to lick her dirty socks! I have to admit that her socks really tasted like a long work week! They were very smelly! Laura also wanted to check if her pretty little feet turned me on as much as her friend, so she started to make me hard with her beautiful smile and her strong smell of feet, and started to rub her feet very gently on my very hard penis! I was so hard! At one point, she was making me lick her dirty sock off her right foot, and she slowly slid her left foot right onto my hard member! She knew she was in complete control of the situation, and there was nothing I could do about it! I was just subject to her orders! Laura also wanted to give her pretty little feet some fresh air after her long day at work, so she asked me to take off her dirty socks with my teeth, and shoved them directly into my mouth with her foot ! After making me take off one of her socks, she pushed it into my mouth with her toes, and slid her other foot gently onto my hard tool, just to check how much it turned me on having her stinky socks in my mouth! She herself at that moment realized all the control she could have over me, because my penis was really very hard! She made me take deep breaths in her sweaty little feet, and also ordered me to lick her feet! Laura also asked me to suck her toes, kiss her feet passionately, and she once again rubbed her feet on my hard member, just to check that she was still in perfect control! This little domination session with Laura was simply magnificent! She’s really a very pretty little princess, and I can’t wait to see her again! Laura is currently wearing size six boots, and the entire duration of this magical session is 69 minutes, and you know exactly where to find it! I prefer to warn you in advance! You will completely fall in love with this pretty little Princess Laura!
Laura's First Foot Fetish Experience

Saturday July 6
Sunday July 7
Tatiana's Business Hours

Tatiana was really busy finishing her work on the computer, so she thought it could be nice to use my face as a footstool, while she was finishing her her work at the same time! She makes me lay down on the floor, right in front of the table, in a perfect position that she could use ma face as a footstool for her sweaty tired feet! She just poses both of her feet on my face with her shoes just to make sure I am at the right spot, just just drops both of her shoes on the floor, to completely cover my face with her sweaty nylon feet! That was a very long day with her shoes on, so the smell was really intense! They were so hot! Tatiana starts rubbing her sweaty nylon feet all over my face, and makes me take some deep breaths in her feet! She also asks me if she could use my tongue for a nice foot bath, so I just had no choice to stick it out, to let her wipe both of her sweaty nylon feet on it! Her feet were so tasty! She also wanted me to sniff the inside of her shoes, so I had to put them on my nose, and she was holding them on my face with her smelly nylon feet! She also asks for a nice foot rub, so I just had no choice to obey her instructions, while she was finishing her work on the computer! What a lovely Thai lady!
Tatiana's Business Hours

Monday July 8
Tuesday July 9
Dolores's Unexpected Session

Dolores likes to enjoy my face after a long day at work with her boots on, and she likes enjoying my love for her feet, and receiving good foot massages after work. She knows how strong my attraction is to her pretty feet, and she likes to take advantage of it! She also likes to wear the same socks for a few more days in a row, just to make my attraction to her stronger and stronger! It’s well done! I find her so sexy! Dolores had planned to come see me after a long day at work, but I had made her believe the camera wasn't working, just to give you an idea of ??what our sessions look like when there is no camera! There is hardly any difference. She is also dominant, and also resplendent to watch! Dolores likes to warn me before she starts that her socks are super warm in her boots, and it's been a long day at work! It’s like a way of making me realize how exciting the experience to come will be! She asks me to take off her boots, and immediately covers my face with both feet in warm socks, to settle in to her Netflix session! She plans to spend two hours relaxing like this, while I have to obey her orders, with my nose deep in her socks! Her cute socks were so hot, and very wet! The smell was very strong, so it was very exciting! Dolores makes me take good deep breaths in her socks, and also makes me lick the undersides of her dirty socks! It's crazy how much she likes to dominate me, and use me as her good little slave! Dolores also asks me to take off her dirty socks after a while, and she seems to take pleasure in shoving them in my mouth with the tips of her toes! She then makes me smell her two very fragrant feet, while I have her two dirty socks in my mouth! It was so humiliating, but I could have spent hours like that! Serving Dolores is always a pleasure! She makes me sniff her feet, and lick the underside of her feet too after her long day at work! I must admit it was an honor for me to obey her orders! She also enjoys making me suck her toes, while she relaxes in front of Netflix with her little glass of white! The full version of this session lasts 58 minutes in total, and comes highly recommended! Dolores has certainly been my favorite one for some time, and it's always an honor to serve her! Very hot feet alert! (French Language)
Dolores's Unexpected Session

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Carmela's Sweaty Feet Humiliation

Carmela really enjoys humiliating her slave all the time, but it looks like she especially enjoys doing it at the end of a long day with her pretty feet in her high heel shoes! It was a very long summer day, and she has been walking all day, so she has her slave bow down on his knees to take care of her feet! She starts teasing her slave with her high heel shoes, before she makes him take them off to make him sniff and lick the inside of her shoes! She walked all day, so she really wanted the insides of her shoes to be cleaned properly! Carmela also wants her slave to sniff her smelly feet, so she just makes fun at him and rubs them all over his face! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles too! She also takes pleasure in spitting on his face, before making him lick and clean all that dirt, just between each of her toes with his tongue! She seems to totally enjoys making fun of her slave again! What a mean goddess!
Carmela's Sweaty Feet Humiliation

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Bethany's Sneaky Gaming Footjob

Coming 07/26/2024

Bethany has definitely been one of my favorite dreamgirls for a while, because she knows so much how to drive me crazy with her feet, and she always takes great pleasure in doing it! Her pretty little feet really excite me, and it’s always nice to have a good time with her! Bethany came to visit me on a Friday evening in the middle of summer, and she spent the day walking in the sun in her old Nike running shoes. She had also worn the same Hello Kitty socks for over a week, because she knew she would drive me completely crazy with them! She knows perfectly how to tease me, and easily get what she wants! Bethany really likes playing video games too, but she prefers not to share the joystick! Instead of taking turns, she wanted to play all evening in front of me, and it seems that she knew perfectly well what to do to achieve her goals! Bethany had her two little feet right in front of me, and after hooking my member a few times with her shoes, I was already erect! I had changed into my pajamas that evening, because I knew we would spend the evening playing video games! The only slight drawback with these pajamas is that if my shaft becomes hard, it comes out very easily through the hole in the front of the pajamas. Let’s just say that it becomes quite difficult to hide when you have an erection! Bethany's feet were really hot after spending the day in her old running shoes, so at one point, she asked me to take off her running shoes! Immediately after taking off her shoes, we could smell a really strong smell coming from her very stinky, and very dirty, socks! As Bethany was placed in front of me, and I was behind her, I took the opportunity to sniff the inside of her running shoes! Her pretty feet with her Hello Kitty socks very quickly went down on my hard member, and she suddenly started giving me a footjob, without even realizing it! I think she just wanted to dance with her feet a little to air them out, but my very hard penis was already caught between her two feet! I was so hard! Bethany could now play her favorite video game, and give me a footjob at the same time without even realizing it! Plus she had headphones, so it allowed me to make some small, discreet movements behind her back! Her feet were being pushed harder and harder, and I was really close to cumming all over her dirty socks! I had to hold back, because I really didn't want to get caught! I would have watched her play like that all evening! In addition to seeing her give me a footjob without even realizing it, I had a splendid and magnificent view of her pretty little ass! It was really very exciting! I also took the opportunity to take a few videos with my phone, just to keep a wonderful memory of this magical moment! Bethany was really turning me on more and more with her footjob, but now I had a crazy desire to see her pretty bare feet! I offered to take off her socks, and that really seemed to work for her since her feet were really hot! I took off her two smelly socks, and I put them in my mouth to taste a little of her sweaty feet, and her old running shoes! My very hard shaft was still firmly held between her two feet, and her footjob is now taking an increasingly intense turn! At first, I thought Bethany didn't realize it, but at a certain point, I wondered if she wasn't doing this, just to avoid sharing the joystick, and playing all evening in front of me! I now had her dirty socks in my mouth, and her footjob was getting more and more intense! Once again I was really close to cumming on her feet, but I didn't want to get caught! The view I had was so magnificent! Bethany took more and more pleasure in masturbating me with her sweaty feet, and it was becoming more and more difficult to resist! The smell of her feet was so strong! At one point I was starting to moan a little, I was really just about to cum, and Bethany turned around to see what was happening. That's when she realized that I had her dirty socks in my mouth, and that I was masturbating with her two pretty smelly feet! It was quite a scandal, but it was definitely worth it! I hope Bethany forgives me! It was simply impossible to resist, because she has such pretty feet!
Bethany's Sneaky Gaming Footjob

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